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Skills Scotland is aimed primarily at year groups S3, S4, S5 and S6.

Skills Scotland will work with group leaders to make sure young people visiting can make crucial links between the businesses and industries at the event and the courses they are studying.

Group visits take a lot of organisation and mean changes to the timetable but with the following benefits we think your school or college will reap the rewards.   

Where else can young people...

  • Try their hand at new and interactive skills
  • Talk to real people doing real jobs
  • Find out what they need to succeed in a chosen career
  • Get information from experts on work based learning, education and training

Will I find it useful?

As a group leader Skills Scotland will offer you a fantastic opportunity to get up to date information. You can talk to exhibitors and make contacts to help you after the event.

Travel bursary scheme

All schools, FE colleges and organised groups in Scotland are eligible to apply for a minimum bursary of £1 per young person towards group travel when bringing a group of 10+ students, just complete the registration form.

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